Quality and cusomer satisfaction is our priority

Inthe long run a good customer relationship is just possible if both parts are happy. We are achieving that goal thru delivering just the best. We are happy when you are happy. It is that simple! Our priority is holding that high quality. Everything starts with the essential material we need to produce your good. We are choosing our partners with care and just taking the very best we can get. All our produced goods are manufactured professionally and checked more than once if they are passing our high quality standards. Not just our in- and output is checked, the whole production process is monitored and is getting more efficient and better every year. Our company is certified and tested from third parties: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We are just producing what you need. Producing with your own material is even possible as well. Our flexibility enables us to invent a new production processes just for you from scratch. If you need something quick and cant do it yourself we are indeed the right company. We are looking forward to be your partner.
We are producing precision turning and milling parts with customized heat- / surface treatments. Our strength is working with: Steel, Aluminium and Copper. Furthermore we can manufacture internal gears and assemble all our produced goods of a production-group.
Next to our famous 24h service, which is often used from our well known costumers, we offer a 3D-Coordinate-Measurement service with inspection records.

Machine data

  • CNC-Saws: diameter up to 400mm, length up to 6000mm
  • CNC-Turning: diameter from 10mm up to 510 mm, max. length 2000mm
  • CNC-Milling: 1500mm x 750mm x 500mm
  • Vacate: internal gear standard of DIN 5480
  • Bending: diameter up to 60mm, ask for flat material
  • CNC-Chamfering: up to 5mm plate thickness
  • Welding: MIG & MAG
  • 3D-Measurement: 1000mm x 900mm x 600mm

Surface treatments

  • Sandblasting
  • Sliding surface grinding
  • High-gloss polishing
  • Anodizing
  • Electroplate
  • Chemical nickel plating
  • Varnishing
  • Silver coating
  • hot-dip galvanizing process (zinc coating)
  • KTL-coating
  • Copper-plating
  • Hard-Coat surface coating


  • Structural steel
  • Cutting steel
  • Stainless and acid-resistant steel
  • High temperature resisting steel
  • Tool steel
  • Aluminum-alloy
  • Brass-alloy
  • Copper-alloy
  • Various plastics

We are producing for very well known companies around the world.